Thursday, June 9, 2016

Painting project for a Toys for Tots charity auction

Moe the Great made a post on The Miniatures Page looking for volunteers to paint some models that will be auctioned off at the Fall In! convention to support Toys for Tots.

While I'm not the greatest painter out there, I thought I would throw my hat in the ring and offered to paint something for this event.

I contacted Moe and was given the option of a couple different options that I could paint; Firestorm Armada Fleet, Perry 28mm Mercenaries, 15mm sci-fi vehicles, etc.  I told him to pick whatever and I would paint it.

He chose a box set of Firestorm Armada models and sent them to me to paint.

I've painted a couple of models from this line in the past, but they were from a different faction.  I will do my best to paint these models up to a respectable level and will hopefully be good enough to draw some interest and some good dollars at the auction.

I plan to post my progress on my blog.

My next step will be to clean these up and to wash the models.

I've been looking around for some ideas on the paint scheme.  If you have any ideas you can post links in the comments and I will take them under advisement.


  1. How about these for some possible out of left field colours? I have found these ships to be quite forgiving when ur comes to nice paintschemes in general actually!

  2. I like the look of those ships. I found another picture on-line that used green and grey in a similar way. I like the idea of painting different sections different colors.

    Thanks for sharing the link.