Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lord of the Rings - more Men of Minas Tirith

It seems that I've done a lot of Lord of the Rings models lately.  And looking at what I've got painted and I have got a lot done.

I picked up some Minas Tirith soldiers from eBay and they were already painted.  They were not painted very well, but they were cheap so I wasn't mad.  I didn't want to start over so I thought I would try to "fix" the paint job and see how they looked

Below you can see how these looked when I started..

Most of the work in fixing these was just applying a better layer of silver on the armor.  I did a little bit of work on the weapons and faces.  Then I applied a wash to the whole model and then based them in my usual way.  The results are below and I am happy with the results.

These aren't going to win a painting contest, but they will look good enough on the table.  I now have 4 units of warriors of Minas Tirith for Dragon Rampant and I will also be using these as the basis of a Kings of War Army.  They will probably be used alongside some Rohan models.

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