Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sneak Attack! - the podcast

A friend of mine, Topher, told me about a podcast called Sneak Attack!  He is a fan of good stories and knows of my interest in gaming in general.  We were talking about role-playing games and he told me that he had been listening to this podcast and thought I might find it interesting.

Sneak Attack! is a group of role-players record their sessions of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

I have played several RPGs over the years, and D&D 2nd edition was my first experience.  My most recent experience was with Pathfinder.  I have fond memories of playing those games and I often think that I should try to get back into a group.  My time is limited, though, so I just can't commit to a regular gathering.

Well, I have to say that this podcast has given me an RPG fix and it has been quite fun.  I have a 40-45 minute drive each morning and evening.  I tend to listen to audio books, but have found some time for the occasional podcast.  Now that I have found Sneak Attack!, I will be making more time for podcasts.

This motley band of adventures is composed of a dwarven fighter/mage named Graek, a human necromancer named Akio, a gnome Druid named Sherwood, and a human bard named Brenna.  The crew is led by the very talented Reed who is not only the DM for the group, but also created the world the adventure takes place in.

Each of the characters has a great back story and the players do a pretty good job of playing their characters in line with their history.

There are (a very few) episodes which remind me of the things I don't miss about role-playing, but by and large each episode has a very engaging story and is full of action and excitement.

As I sit and listen to this podcast, I can't help but wish I could join in the fun.  Reed is a masterful DM and I have often been driven to laughter by the antics of the group.

If you are a fan of RPGs, fantasy settings, or just good stories, the I would encourage you to check this podcast out.  I download it via iTunes, but I believe it can be found on the GooglePlay, and a few other outlets as well.

While it is great to have this podcast to listen too, it has really only whet my appetite to get into a RPG group.  I'm not sure I will actually be able to find one that works for my schedule, but...

Are there any good podcasts that you listen too?  Let me know if you know of any I should be listening to.