Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lord of the Rings - Men of Minas Tirith

More Lord of the Rings models recently hit my painting table.

This time, I put some paint on some models from the good side.  The men at arms of Minas Tirith are actually pretty good looking models.  These are from the old strategy battle game box so they can be gotten for a pretty low price these days.  I will be using these models for Kings of War and Dragon Rampant games so will need a fair number to field a decent force.

I'm always looking for simple paint jobs that still look decent so I thought I would test out a very simple paint scheme for these guys.

I started by spraying the models silver.  Next, I painted their robe black and highlighted it with grey.  I painted their face and hands a flesh color.  Lastly, I painted their belts leather brown.  With the base colors all in place I inked the entire model with Nuln Oil.

After that dried, I did my usual grit on the base with a base coat of burnt umber and a tan drybursh.  I will be adding some flock, but have not decided on which flock color to go with yet.

All in all, I'm happy with how these guys look given how quickly they paint up.

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