Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Scots for SAGA

Let me tell you a story about heartache and sadness...

A couple of years ago, my gaming group decided to try out SAGA.  The rules were fun and we all started putting together armies.

I choose Scots mostly because no one else had picked them for their army.

I spent some time painting the models I had acquired.  My friends gave me grief because I didn't paint a pattern on the tartans, but I just figured I would do a bad job of it and left them all solid colors.

I had finally finished the last bit of my 4 point force and was ready to dull coat the models.  I set them up and grabbed what I thought was a can of dull coat and started to spray.

OH THE HORROR!!!!  The can was not dull coat, but silver.  SILVER!!!  What had I done.

SILVER!!!!  Are you kidding me?

I had ruined my paint jobs, that is what I had done.  And with no one to blame but myself.

I'm not a great painter, but I can do a decent tabletop standard and I had just sprayed silver over my nice basic paint job.

As you can see some of the models only got a small dose, but several got it full in the face.

I was so disappointed that I put these models away and didn't really come back to them for quite a while.  I played a few games with these, but it hurt every time.  I actually just started to borrow armies from my friends instead of using my own models because of the silver.  I was so grumpy that I couldn't even bring myself to paint any more of these models.

Well, I finally got over myself and put paint to brush and re-painted these silver models.

No longer silver.

I've now got a full 4 point force.  Two 4 man units of Hearthguard and 2 8 man units of warriors.  I'm not a fan of levy and have not used them in my games.  Maybe I'll add some down the road, though.

Below are some pictures of my warband.  Sorry about the lighting, it appears to be a little off in some of the pictures.

Close up of the repaint.

Another close up of the repaints.

Last one.  It makes me happy these guys aren't silver anymore.

My 4 point force.

The Warlord.

Hearthguard 1

Hearthguard 2

Warriors 1

Warriors 2

I love this model.

This is my second favorite model in my force.

Everyone loves a musician.

They have turned out fairly decently and I am even working on painting a few more models to add to the force.


  1. They look great, and it must feel very satisfying having them finally complete. I have never suffered this varnish nightmare myself but it appears to strike worryingly often!

  2. Thanks. It is nice to have them ready for battle once again.

    I am much more careful about which can I pick up now.

  3. Way to go Sean! It is about time.. When can we expect to see them on the table at the store? Anytime soon? Maybe a Thursday night?
    They look good!

  4. I'm sure we could play some SAGA on an upcoming Thursday. Just let me know and I will bring them along.