Monday, May 2, 2016

Bring Out Your Lead - 2016

My local game shop, Gauntlet Games in Lincoln, NE, had their annual Bring Out Your Lead event.  This event allows anyone to offer items for sale on silent auction.  There was the usual collection of Warmachine and Warhammer 40k models.  I was surprised that there was very little Warhammer Fantasy up for sale with the recent complaints of Age of Sigmar, but maybe Kings of War is being played more than I am aware.

I found a few Lord of the Rings models to add to my collection.  I am working on my own Kings of War army using these models and I will also be using them for games of Dragon Rampant.  I got a good number of plastic orcs and some medal hero models for reasonable prices.

I also picked up several board games.

Shadowrun: Crossfire  This is a co-operative game set in the Shadowrun universe.  In this game the players take on the roll of a team of shadowrunners and take on jobs such as protecting a client with a hit on his head.  The characters gain experience and can level up as play continues.

I picked this up on the recommendations I've seen for it in the 1 player Guild on BoardGameGeek.  I look forward to testing my skills with this game.

Fast Flowing Forest Fellers is a light racing game.  In this game, the players are all lumberjacks racing on their logs to the end of the river.  This is a bit of a silly game, but it was cheep and I do like racing games.

Thurn and Taxis and its expansion Power and Glory is another light game.  In this one players are competing with each other to build the best postage routes across Bavaria.

Samurai is an abstract area control game designed by area Reiner Knizia.  This game is set in medieval Japan.  Players are vying to gain control of three different factions: samurai, peasants, and priests.  Players take turns placing tiles on the board and work to ensure they have the most influence.

Not a bad day of adding to the collection.  I'll plan to post some reviews of these as I get a chance to play them.

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