Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Vehicles for 15mm

I was at my local home store picking up some tile for my home renovation project and I saw some generic brand hot wheels on the shelf.  I thought these would work alright for my 15mm games so I dug through and found a few that would work delivery trucks and fuel trucks.

These work well as scatter terrain, mission objectives, troop transports, etc.  They only need a little paint and they will be ready for the tabletop.

I am going to spend some effort in the coming months on fleshing out my terrain for my 15mm games.  I hope to get a good number of vehicles for this purpose as these are easy to add and fit well into any terrain with buildings included and even some terrain that doesn't include buildings if they are the mission objective.


  1. I like those trucks, especially the box ones. Can probably repaint some and make them look like delivery vehicles!

  2. Great minds think alike. That is exactly my plan.