Friday, January 22, 2016

G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. in Randistan - 1-17-16 - The Queen's Own Randistany Cup

Randy put together a GASLIGHT game for our crew last weekend.  It was a little different than what we normally play, but turned out to be quite a fun time.

Instead of us breaking into opposing forces and battling each other with a few heroes and several squads of troops, we each took a single hero and ventured into a valley in Randistan (Randy's made up lost island) that has a wide variety of beasts that are extinct (and maybe some that never existed) in the rest of the world.

The Queen's Own Randistany Cup was organized to gather the best hunters from the Queen's empire to compete to determine who is the best hunter in the land.

Points were to be scored based on the size and threat of the beasts each hunter harvested.

I took the roll of Gunter, a former world fencing champion that has spent his retirement hunting the worlds largest game animals.

Gunter journeyed into the dense underbrush and managed to take down 2 smallish (man sized) reptilian carnivores, 1 reptilian carnivore larger than an elephant and as tall as a giraffe, 2 weird avian beasts the size of cows.  In addition to these beasts, he unfortunately had to defend himself from several odd looking native fellows that attacked him with absolutely no provocation.

While taking these beasts, Gunter suffered several wounds and was forced to retreat from the jungle lest he fall to the attack of another beast or native.

While Gunter didn't score the most kills, he honored is family name with the showing he made and helped a few of his fellow hunters out in situations that might have led to their demise.

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