Saturday, January 16, 2016

Zombicide: Black Plague - Game Review

I got another game just before Christmas that I backed on Kickstarter.

Zombicide: Black Plague

This is a fantasy themed version of the very popular Zombicide system.

After a quick brush up on the rules, I set up the introductory scenario and played through it running 4 heroes myself.

The Artwork
The art is a similar style to the other Zombicide games.  Personally I like it, but I've heard that some don't.  The game boards, cards, rule book and models all showcase the same style and I think it gives the game a good feel.

Component Quality
The quality of everything is great.  The models are all well cast and look very nice.  The cardboard is thick and looks very nice.  The tokens are also thick and are well perforated so they punch out well.  The cards aren't the thickest, but they are okay and they look very nice.

Game Play
I have only played through the introductory scenario, so please forgive me if I miss anything.

Each hero gets 3 actions per turn.  There are a number of different things that each action can be used for: movement, attack, search, etc.  A hero must complete all his/her actions before the next hero goes.  After all heroes have acted, the zombies get to act, then you draw zombie reinforcements and then it is the heroes turn again.

There are lots of options and the order that you activate heroes can make a big difference on your tactics and how things play out.

Each scenario has a defined objective for the heroes to win.  There are several scenarios in the book and you will have a lot of good game play straight out of the box.

Overall Thoughts
I don't think this game is much different than the base Zombicide game.  That isn't to say it isn't a fun game.  I like the fantasy theme and I had a good time playing the game and look forward to playing it again. 

I will mostly be playing this as a solo game.  My big complaint for the game is that most of the scenarios want all 6 heroes to be used.  I wish that the game scaled for fewer heroes, but that doesn't really work with this.  I will muscle through this challenge and play through the scenarios.  I'm sure there will also be fan-made scenarios that I will be able to play when I get through the ones in the book.

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