Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Gaming and Painting Goals for 2016

If you follow this blog you saw quite a few posts over the past year detailing my work on the Tale of an Epic Gamer project.  I got a lot done on that project and stuck with it throughout the year until I bought a new house and the renovation project killed my painting in December.

Because of the progress I made from taking part in the Tale of an Epic Gamer, I've decided to set a few goals again this year.

I'm a little burned out on the Epic stuff having painted up so much (about 20,000 points) in the past year, so I will be diversifying my painting a bit more in the new year.  I will also be putting smaller goals together as the work on the house is still in progress.  This also means I won't be able to do much painting for a few months yet, as I have no intention of breaking out my paints at my in-law's house.  To much chance of a spill.

Enough rambling, here are my goals.


  • Recruits in Lee's Summit, MO
  • Little Wars in Chicago, MO (this one is kind of tentative, but I'm hoping it will work.)


  • Continue with my regular Thursday evening game group.
  • Start a solo campaign using either a board game or miniature game and post blogs of my progress.  I would like to play at least 1 game per month.
  • Play at least a few games with my GASLIGHT friends during the year.  We don't always play GASLIGHT, but that is how I think of them.  :)
  • Get together with friends more often to play board games.
  • Set a monthly goal for painting/terrain projects to keep me motivated.  I hope that I can start these in February if the house progresses quickly enough.  Some ideas below:
    • Paint a new DBA army (probably Vikings)
    • Paint a 6mm Ancients Army (Celts)
    • Paint an army for Kings of War (Goblins)
    • Finish my SAGA army (this will involve repainting the models I accidentally painted silver instead of clear coating them)
    • Paint more BattleTech companies
    • Expand my Epic armies
    • Finish painting my Star Wars: Imperial Assault models
    • Build more 15mm terrain
    • Build more 6mm terrain


  1. Just found your blog... really awesome stuff, man! Can't wait to see more.