Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Recruits Gaming Convention - Part 1 - September 2015 - Pre-Convention Trip to the Battle of Lexington and the Anderson House

I made my way to Lee's Summit, MO for the Recruits Gaming Convention this past weekend.  As always, a great time was had by all.  The event is held at Lee's Summit High School and it only costs $5 for the whole weekend.

The convention has a pretty wide variety of events from historical games of many different periods, to sci-fi and fantasy games of different backgrounds.  In addition to that, there is always lots of open gaming available.

On our way down, we decided to make a couple of stops at a couple places of historical interest.  The first stop was Lexington, MO to visit the ground of the Battle of Lexington and the Anderson House.

After the tour of the battlefield and the Anderson House, we made a quick stop at the Court house.  One of the columns of the building still has a cannon ball stuck in it from the Civil War.

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