Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bring Out Your Lead - A few great finds

My local gaming store, Gauntlet Games in Lincoln, NE, has an event each year called Bring Out Your Lead.

Anyone can bring in gaming related items and put them on a silent auction.  The store collects the money and gives store credit to the sellers.  You can find a wide variety of things from board games (old and new), unpainted miniatures or fully painted armies.  Normally I have a pile of stuff that I put up on the auction and I usually end up taking home a pile of new toys as well.

This year I didn't sell anything, but I did go down to see what was available.  I got a couple of great deals on some games and can't wait to try out my new finds.

My big purchase of the day was a copy of The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & Shackles - Base Set.  I had been eyeing the first base set, but since this was such a good deal, I couldn't pass it up.  I got this brand new, still in shrink wrap for $35.

My next find was a copy of Axis & Allies: Europe.  The box is a bit sun bleached, but the contents are in good condition and it was only $3.

Next up is a copy of Modern Naval Battles.  This is the 1989 version.  I didn't just get the base box, I also got Modern Naval Battles II: The Campaign Game (there are actually 2 copies of box II) and Modern Naval Battles III: The Expansion Kit.  I look forward to trying my hand at command of a fleet and facing off against an enemy fleet.  This was another great find for $5.

I also picked up Air Force and its expansion, Dauntless.  I had never heard of these before, but for $1 I figured I couldn't go wrong.  A quick look through BGG and the box shows me that this one might be a little on the complicated side.  I'm not scared though and look forward to trying it out.

My last find at the auction is a game that I have been looking for on eBay at the recommendation of the Dice Tower's HAMTAG guys on YouTube.  The game is Ambush!  I hadn't found if for less than $50 and that was a bit more than I wanted to pay.  But at the auction, there it was.  Just sitting there with a starting bid of $1.  I thew my bid down and sure enough I won it for that low, low amount.  I'm looking forward to trying this game out as well.

All in all I say it was a good day of acquiring new gaming material.  I got all these games for the price of Ambush! alone.  I was even in the market for 2 of the games that I found.

I'll try to post some review/reports of these when I get a chance to play them.

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