Monday, April 20, 2015

Terrain Project - Sink Holes - Part 4

managed to get a little more done on this project over the weekend.

I got the 4 boards i have cut painted brown.

This takes a couple of coats but it does go pretty quickly.

Next I dry brushed tan on all the hill walls to give them some depth and definition. 

This process goes fairly quickly, but it does take a while since I'm doing 4 boards at once.

Last on the list is to flock.  I use watered down wood glue.  I spread the glue on an area and then sprinkle a little bit of yellow grass fine turf, I then cover the rest of the area with green grass fine turf.  I knock off the excess and do the next area.

I finished 2 boards this weekend.

Here is a closer picture of the finished product..

I was going to cut the foam for the final 2 boards, but my hot knife is having some issues.  I'm going to have to get a replacement before I can cut the final 2 boards.  I hope that doesn't delay the project too much.  I've still got 2 boards ready for flock so I have stuff to work on while I wait for the new hot knife.


  1. These are going to make for some great games.

  2. I certainly hope so. I'm hoping to get a game in using these as soon as I finish the 4th board.