Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Terrain Project - Sink Holes - Part 3

More progress has been made on the sink hole table.  I spent a big chunk of Sunday cutting foam and texturing one of the boards with caulk.

Here you can see all four sections layed out.  I like the way it looks so far.  I've got a lot of work yet to do.

A close up of a section.

Another close up of a section.

Yet another close up of a section.
I've textured the walls on the first board.  Once the caulk dries I will start painting.

Here is a close up of the texture.  It doesn't look great right now, but I promise that once I put some paint on it will look better.
I used tubes of caulk that I got at my local building supply store to attach the boards to each other.  After putting them together, I put a board on top and added a weight to let them dry before doing anything else.

Progress is happening.

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