Thursday, May 7, 2015

A sad day today... The death of Star Wars: Imperial Assault

I have a couple of friends at work that join me for a game now and then over our lunch time.

We have been playing through a campaign of Star Wars: Imperial Assault and were playing through a mission this week.  We didn't finish the game during our lunch time so I left it set up so we could come back to it today.

Unfortunately, we had some rain.  Officially, we had more than 6 inches last night.  Also unfortunately, the ceiling had a leak.

See the water in the tray?

I guess this one is done for.  This won't be a matter of simply drying the stuff out as the board tiles and many of the tokens actually separated.

Well now I guess I will have extra models for bigger games.


  1. Dude!!! That's just cruel!

    PS: "I bent my wookie!" (Too soon?)

  2. Damn man that's the worst luck. ;.;

  3. I have replaced the game and have played it several times since this dreadful day. That at least softens the sad memories.