Monday, January 19, 2015

Tale of an Epic Gamer - January part 2

I've made some good progress this month.  I've finished the Nobz and Gretchin.

Nobz with bases painted and drybrushed.  Awaiting flock
Nobz are finished.

Gretchin awaiting flock.

Gretchin finished.
 The boyz and Bonebreakas are nearly finished.  When I get them finished I will post pictures.

I had a little spare time and did a test model for a future detachment.  The core of my army is going to be Bad Moon, but I want to have a few other clans represented as well.  Here is my first attempt at painting a Goff Gutrippa.  I'm please with the results, but would love to hear your thoughts.  I wonder if it needs more color?

This model was primed white and then I applied two coats of GW's Nuln Oil.  I hand painted the checkerboard pattern (which was a pain) and added a bit of silver on the claws, tracks and gun barrels.

Your comments, suggestions, and thoughts would be appreciated.

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