Friday, January 23, 2015

Tale of an Epic Gamer - January goal achieved

I have finished painting the models I set for my goal for January.

18 bases of boyz

A closer shot of the boyz.  This unit has blue shoulder pads.  The next unit will have a different color to keep them separate.

12 Bonebreakas ready for battle.

I picked out a few details in red and green to break the models up a bit.

Another close up.

I didn't do the green and red on a few of these, but I think I will go back and add it.  It breaks up the yellow and adds more visual appeal with it there.

And here you can see the army as a whole.
It is good to achieve a goal and signing up for the Tale of an Epic Gamer is what kept me motivated to keep pushing through.  Next month I will be working on a Biel-tan Eldar force.  I'll post my February goals later.

I'd love to hear your feedback on these guys.  How do they look indiviually (less important to me)?  And how do they look together (always my greatest concern).

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