Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Probe Droid

I got the Star Wars: Imperial Assault board game a few weeks ago.  I've played a couple of games so far and am very impressed with the game.  I really like the mechanics for campaigns and have started two with different groups.

I've decided I want to paint the miniatures.  The first one to hit the paint table was one of the probe droids.  I like these models and I think the paint job turned out well.

Pretty basic paint job here.  Based the model black and then dry brushed a dark grey and then a light grey.  Picked out a few details for a little color and I'm done.  I painted the base grey, but will probably do something more at some point.

The game has exterior and interior tiles so I'm not sure what to do.  I will probably go with a gravel base with bits of greenery.

Your thoughts on the basing would be appreciated.


  1. I'm going for a sandy base, no greenery. I think it will work on three of the four terrain types so far.

  2. Good point. I just really like to break up the ground with a bit of color. It won't be much greenery if I go down that path.