Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tale of an Epic Gamer 2015

It looks like I'm going to make 2015 an Epic year for gaming.  What that means is that I have signed up for Tactical Command's Tale of an Epic Gamer painting project.  The goal is to make lots of progress on painting your 6mm Epic 40k army (or any 6mm force).  You are encouraged to post what progress you've made each month and share it on their forum.

Most people work on one army for the whole year.  There are truly some impressive armies showcased there.  Many of them have provided inspiration for me, but my talents aren't quite as developed as many of the others that have posted their armies over the years.

I am working on armies to share with my gaming group so my approach is going to be a bit different.  My goal is to complete 2,000 point armies of four different Epic 40k races.  I will be doing Orks, Eldar, Imperial Guard, and Tyranids.  This will allow me to have different armies to teach others how to play and maybe get a couple of people interested enough to actually play some games with me.

I will be painting up the units for use with NetEpic Gold, an updated version of Space Marine 2 (a free download of the rules can be found here) and NetEpic: Armageddon, an updated version of Epic Armageddon (a free download of the rules can be found here).  These are very different games, but use the same models.  I'm leaning more toward NetEpic Gold, but since I haven't actually played either yet, I'm going to leave my options open.

My goal for January is to paint up a detachment of Ork infantry and some Bonebreakas.  The infantry detachment will include 18 bases of Ork Boyz, 8 bases of Gretchin, and 6 bases of Nobz.

NetEpicGold  (I know I have an extra Support Card)
Bad Moon Clan Company Card - 4 Nobz, 15 Boyz - 600 points
   + Gretchin Mob Support Card x2 - 8 Gretchin - Free
   + Bonebreaka Squadron Support Card x 4 - 12 Bonebreakas - 600 points

Bad Moon Huge Warband - 6 Nobz, 18 Boyz, 6 Gretchin - 500 points
Bad Moon Huge Blitz Brigade - 12 Gunwagons - 350 points

Here are a few pictures of the work in progress so far.

I've made good progress over the holidays.  Next up is painting the bases of the infantry and painting the guns and tracks of the Bonebreakas.

As you can see these models are very small.  I don't plan to add quite the level of detail that others do for this scale.  My normal goal is to set the models on the table, take a step back, and view them from there.  I think these look good like that and will continue with that as my benchmark.

I'll keep you posted as I make progress.  


  1. Love the way you did the yellow on the bonebreakas.

    1. Thanks Captain. I really like the look as well. That wash makes painting yellow possible.

  2. Yellow dressed orks look stunning, lookign forward to progress!

  3. Nice. I agree, you did the yellows really well.