Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Warboss Tae's 2016 Painting Challenge - Days 25 & 26

I've finished a few more days of this challenge.

Day 25

Day 26

The last unit for this army.

General and wizard models that I painted a long time ago, but have been based to match this army.
I have completed painting all the goblins I set out to paint at the beginning of this challenge.  I can now feild a full 2,000 point army for Kings of War.  These models can also be used for Dragon Rampant and Age of Sigmar.  It is always nice to have options for your models.

With the goblins finished I will be working on the Firestorm Armada models I'm painting for the Toys for Tots auction.


  1. We'll need some group shots when you're ready, sir, seriously impressive productivity and great quality too.

    1. Thank you much. I am surprised what I have managed to complete.

      I will be sure to take some pictures to share. My plan was to post a picture of all the completed models on the last day (Day 31) of the challenge.