Wednesday, September 27, 2017

15mm Fantasy - Battle Valor Games

I acquired some 15mm models from Battle Valor Games some time ago and they have sat quietly on a shelf waiting for me to give them some attention.

I decided to pull a few out and see what I could do with them.  Battle Valor Games has a pretty large selection of factions and there is currently a Kickstarter project to expand some existing lines and create a few new ones.

I have a fair number of their Frigian line.  These are kind of Viking-esk.  They look pretty decent and each pack has a good variety of poses.  I'm not entirely sure which rules I will be using these with, but I'm sure they will find their way to a battlefield for a game or two at some point.

As is my usual practice, I've gone with a very simple paint job on these models.

I primed these with a flat tan and then picked out a few pieces of cloth with red, blue, and green.  Next, I painted weapons and shields.  Finally, I applied a brown wash over the entire model.

With the models painted, I based the infantry on 40mm x 20mm bases and the cavalry on 40mm x 30mm bases.  I mixed up some drywall spackle with some glue and a bit of brown paint and applied that to the bases.  Next, I painted the bases with dark brown.  I still need to add some flock to the bases, but thought I would share the progress so far.

I'm pleased with the models and how they turned out.  I'm thinking I might use these models to build a halfling army for Kings of War.

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