Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Imperial Skies - Austria-Hungarian Fleet - Budapest Class Light Battleship

The next and final ship for Doug's Austria-Hungarian fleet is a Budapest Class Light Battleship.

I took a few progress pictures so you can see how these come together without watching the video.

The fleet has turned out very nice in my opinion.  Using the Imperial Skies rules, this fleet totals 510 points.

This fleet is a great example that you don't need a complicated paint scheme to make a decent looking fleet.  Just spend some time putting some paint on the models and in no time at all you will have a fleet ready for action.

You can step up the detail and shading or you can even go for a more simple paint job.

Paints Used:
Army Painter
    Matt Black
    Deep Blue
Vallejo Game Color
    Scorpy Green
Vallejo Model Color
    Tan Earth
    Sky Blue
    Flat Red
Games Workshop/Citadel
    Agrax Earthshade


  1. Great stuff. I picked up the Argentinian fleet when it came out, but then regretted it when I saw the Hungarians (especially their aero's).

    1. Thanks. I think all of their fleets have nice models. What's stopping you from adding a Hungarian fleet to fight along side your Argentinians?