Tuesday, July 7, 2015

G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. in Randistan 7-3-15

Bill was good enough to set up a game for our group.  We are in the jungles of the last land of Randistan.  This place has been untouched by modern hands and has a variety of beasts that had been thought extinct.  In addition, there are a few creatures that live here that have never been seen anywhere else in the world before.

The beautiful table that the battle will take place upon.
The Temple and grounds
Warning marker
Another warning marker
The bridge over the river

A ruined building that currently houses the War Apes
The idol in the temple
Stegadon with a spear thrower mounted on its back
The Queens own Randistanian Rifles
The steam powered walker
The British forces
Advancing to the bridge
"Do you really want me to cross that?"
"We made it safely, come on over."

A new toy to check fields of view.
The treasure hunters come out of the brush line.
The apes move up to meet the invaders
Once across the bridge, the Brits for a firing line.
The walkers steams right over the river

Cavemen attack the apes.

The Brits marvel at the Cavemen and Apemen attacking each other.

The apemen are losing the fight against the cavemen.
These apes advance toward the treasure hunters.

This beast is pretty much the only thing that can hope to damage the walker.
The apemen charge into the gunfire of the treasure hunters.
Here comes the walker.
Another group of apemen swarm out of the temple grounds.

Raptors come out of the jungle, but they are controlled by the apemen's leaders.

That cat is a beast.  Pun intended.

The raptors attack the treasure hunters and score some kills before they are wiped out.
The Cavemen's shaman summons an unnatural fog.
A wandering dino to far from the action to have much impact.

The War Apes head toward the action.

The second unit across the bridge forms into a firing line.
Leading from the rear.  Typical British command.

The stegadon moved up to the wall in hopes of getting some cover from the walker's machine gun.

These apes couldn't stand up to the hail of fire.

A great group of guys to game with.

The cavemen finishing off the last of this group of apes.

These apes are charging the walker, but have almost no chance of hurting it.

The porters are on the bridge and don't want to cross any further.
The war apes have almost made it into the fray.

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Another wandering dino that is upset by the interruption to its grazing.
Cavemen heading over the temple wall.
The war apes are getting beaten by the British rifles.

The leaders of the apes stay hidden in the shadows of the temple.
The stegadon's crew have been killed but it is still a vicious beast.

The treasure hunters approach the temple ready to take any loot they can find.

Thanks again Bill for putting this together and thanks to my fellow players for their efforts in the game as well.  It was a great time; even though the apes failed to hold off the invaders.


  1. It looks like a great game! I must dust off my copy of GASLIGHT...

  2. GASLIGHT is a regular with our group. It is very flexible and works with lots of settings. I've used it for VSF, 40k, Epic 40k, and Old West. I heard there is a Zombie add on as well.

  3. A great report! Thanks for sharing it.

    Yes, GASLIGHT is extremely flexible. :). The zombie supplement mentioned above is avialbe for free on the GASLIGHT website: http://www.bucksurdu.com/Buck_Surdu/G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T..html

  4. I actually ran a Star Wars game using it.