Friday, February 6, 2015

Epic G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. - AAR

  • ++++++  Message Start  ++++++

    To Commandar Krause of the Dark Lion Space Marine Chapter

    Ork forces have landed on the planet Landis V.  While this world is not of particular importance to the empire, reports have been received that show these orks have been able to build titans in a very short amount of time.  All reports indicate that only small titans have been completed.  While these ork monstrosities are no match when compared to the glorious and miraculous machines of the Titan Legions, the speed at which these have been constructed is of great concern.  The empire does not want this clan of orks to take their titans off Landis V and possibly threaten a more vital world. 

    As such, your force is being dispatched to Landis V with orders to destroy the ork titans as well as the ork forces.

    Supreme Commander Darius

    Quote of the Day:  Through the destruction of our enemies do we earn our salvation!

    ++++++  Message End  ++++++

I set up a game of G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. for my gaming group, but I used GW's Epic 40k models for different kind of sci-fi variant.  Above was the background story and intro for the game I sent to the players.

Here are a couple of photos of the board at the start of the game.  You can see we had a small city area with some tall buildings and the rest of the board had some mountainous terrain and some forested areas.

The Marines started with 4 Tactical Squads mounted in Rhinos, 1 unit of Terminators mounted in Land Raiders, 2 units of bikes, 2 units of predators and 2 Titans.

Each Marine model counted as 2 models.  So they had 2 attacks in shooting and scuffle, and 2 wounds.  They also didn't track wounds if a model wasn't killed.  So for example, if a unit suffered 3 wounds from an attack, 1 model was removed and the remaining wounds was ignored.  The Marines were severely outnumbered to compensate for this nice benefit.  Titans had more wounds and shooting attacks, but could only scuffle vs other titans.

The orks started with 7 units of dismounted infantry, 4 units of gunwagons and a unit of stompas on the board.  There was also a  Mega-Gargant, but construction wasn't finished yet.  Of course there was a chance that it would come on line during the game.  In addition the Orks has 3 gargants that came on the table to support their defenses/attack (do orks ever defend?) during the game.

I was playing with a GoPro camera during the game and got some overhead shots during the game.  You can see the models moving during the game, but the battery died midway through the battle.  I'll plan better next time.
The game has already started, but you can see how the troops were deployed to start the battle.
The Marines deploy, ready to engage the Ork horde.
Ork infantry advance along side Ork Gunwagonz ready to engage the Marines.

The Marines advance toward the oncoming horde.
Both sides have advanced.
The Marines dismount infantry in the middle of the field ready to open fire on the Orks.

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The Orks advance on both flanks, but hold back in the center.

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The Marines split up to move around the forest.
The Orks continue to push forward on the right flank ready to engage the Marines, but loose some gunwagonz on the left flank.

The Orks up fire on the Predators, and manage to kill one.
This is the last picture from overhead.  My battery died.  
Fighting in the streets of the city is intense and the orks don't have the numbers to repel the Marines.

A Mob of Gunwagonz tries to swing around the city and engage the Titan, but find its guns to be devastating.

The Marines take the city and start to advance through it.

The Marines hold the center of the battlefield ready to blast away any orks that show their ugly green faces.

Two Mobz of Orks try to push around the edge of the city, but take heavy fire.

Boyz and Gun trucks move up to attack a squad of Tactical Marines still mounted in Rhinos.

A Mob of Boyz tries to move through a forested area to assault the Marines, but loses most of its unit in the process.

An Eldar force comes out of the Warp and moves to attack one of the Imperial Titans.  It appears that the Farseers have seen a future that shows the need to take down that Titan in order to protect their Craftworld.

More Eldar exit the Warp Gate (the little red token) and head for the Imperial Titan.  Seeing fresh juicy targets, the Orks upon up fire on the Eldar.

The target of the Eldar force takes some damage.

The Marines push into the Titan construction area, but face Ork defenders.

The Titan exits the city ready to face any new threats the Orks or Eldar can throw at it.
The Marines were able to take out the Ork gargants (3 of them joined the battle, but I failed to get any pictures of them) the Mega-Gargant that was under construction, and the stompa mob.  They also drove off the Eldar forces that showed up out of nowhere.  Even being severally outnumbered, the Marines superior training and equipment allowed them to defeat their enemies.

This was a fun game and I look forward to playing a few more.  I already have an idea for the next battle.  Thanks to Randy, Doug, and Bill for joining me for the game and leading your forces with such bravery.

While G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. is made for Victorian Sci-fi games, with a little tweaking it can work really well with lots of other settings.  The Maines were maybe a bit over-powered.  I think in the next game I will take away the rule that they can ignore wounds that don't kill a model and have those wounds stay in place.  I think I will also boost the size of the Ork infantry units to 15 stands per mob.

I hope you enjoyed this AAR.


  1. Great looking game. I wish I had collected WH40K epic. It always looks cool on the table in big battles.

  2. I got lucky with a couple of great finds of epic models. Now I'm painting them up because I like having large actions and this scale of model is great for that kind of battle.