Tuesday, October 21, 2014

G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. - War in Randistan

G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. (Glorious Adventures in Science Loosely Involving General Historical Times) is a Victorian Era Sci-Fi game.  It is tons of fun and my gaming group plays this more than most other games.

Bill set up a game for us this past weekend and five of us got together for the game.  It took place in Randistan.  Randistan is an imaginary land whose location (and occasionally existence) is often disputed.  It has largely been untouched by Europeans and many animals that were thought extinct have been seen in this land.  Think Lost World kind of place.

It started with a few news articles from the New York Times. (Both should be dated 1893).

Our battle was set between British and German forces and their native allies.  Each is looking to establish colonies within the continent of Randistan.

The Germans have established themselves in a small compound centered around a slave market.  The British attack the compound in an effort to stop the despicable sale of human beings and attempting to take the compound from the Germans.

Our Battlefield

German's 1st squad deployed inside the fence waiting to be called up for action

German's 2nd squad was milling about the market looking at produce and other items that could be purchased

The German MG was on guard at the north gate when a steam walker came out of the forest.

The British steam walker and infantry support attempt to flank the compound and surprise the Germans

Two groups of natives, each allied to one of the great powers battle each other

The Germans were able to score a lucky hit on the walker and a horrible save left only a smoking pile of metal

Zulu forces imported by the Brits into Randistand head for cover

The captives held in the slave market rebelled and ran from their captors.

The German 1st squad advances outside the gate to face the 1st Randigonian Brigade.  A hail of fire is unleashed and several enemy are killed, but the return fire was so harsh that this unit broke and routed from the battlefield.

The German Airship arrived late, but did offer some supporting fire to the defenders of the compound.

By the time the airship was able to provide real support, the British had wiped out most of the German defense and the Kaptain was ready to evacuate the compound.

Knowing that if he lost the airship to the Brits (it being destroyed or captured) he would, at best, be stripped of his rank, he chose to board the ship and leave the natives to their fate at the hands of the British.

While the native German allies will whine about the withdrawal of their German allies, our Kaptain knows that when he returns with reinforcements, the natives will welcome him back with open arms.

This was a great game and full of swings from one side to the other.  It started out looking like the Germans were going to easily repel the pesky Brits, but then after loosing a squad of German soldiers to a route and then having half of another squad shot to bits, things started to look a little bleaker.  The last straw was when the slaves and villagers revolted.  The Germans took the arrival of their airship as the cue to get out of a bad situation and immediately started making plans to return with reinforcements.

Thanks Bill for hosting us.  The game was great as usual and dinner was great.

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