Saturday, November 25, 2017

Memoir '44 - Operation Cobra Battle Report - 6 x 6 Game Challenge

I sat down and tried my hand at a solo play through of the Operation Cobra scenario.

I took command of the Allied forces.  I made some not so great choice for myself and paid the price for them.  The enemy also had some pretty good rolls.  I will definitely be playing more scenarios solo.

For solo play, I use a pretty simple process that I've stolen from others.

  • Remove the Ambush card from the deck.  
  • Chose the side that you will play in the scenario.
  • Set up the board as normal and deal yourself the appropriate number of command cards.
  • The enemy doesn't get a hand of cards.  Instead, on their turn draw a number of cards based upon the number they would normally have for the scenario (see below) and play the best card.
    • 5 or less command cards - draw 2 cards.
    • 6 or more command cards - draw 3 cards.
  • If a recon card is used that normally allows you to draw 2 cards and choose one to add to your hand, then I will draw an additional card for the enemy on their next turn.
This isn't a prefect system, but it works well enough and you will find that the enemy is a pretty challenging opponent.

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