Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Painting The Walking Dead: All Out War in Black and White - Derek

Derek was the next model to hit my painting table.

I continue to use my simple, but effective process of applying base colors, washing the model with Nuln Oil, and then highlighting with the base colors.

It is a pretty quick painting process, and the results look reasonable.

Base colors applied.

Wash applied.


I'm getting closer to completing the core box.  Stay tuned to see what is next.

Paints Used:
Vallejo Model Color
   Neutral Grey
Vallejo Game Color
   Stonewall Grey
   Cold Grey
Army Painter
   Stone Golem
Games Workshop
   Nuln Oil


  1. Nice work Sean! I've been catching your pics on FB but I like how you're getting deep blacks in creases and shadows as the stark contrast reminds me a lot more of the comic inking.

    1. My goal was to have these models look like the comic. I'm glad I've accomplished that.