Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Memoir '44 - Flanking Caen Battle Report - Securing the Flank - 6 x 6Challenge

As part of my 6 x 6 Challenge, I will be playing Memoir '44.  To start this off, my wife (Amy) and I will be playing through the Flanking Caen mini-campaign found in the Memoir '44 Campaign Book Volume 1.

For those that aren't familiar with Memoir '44, it is a board game set in World War II.  It is based on the Command & Colors mechanic and is quite fun, in my opinion.  It is a fairly light game and plays quickly and is pretty easy to teach to new players.  The base game comes with a nice variety of scenarios and there are many expansions that cover different theaters of WWII.

There were 2 campaign books published for this game.  These books give you a frame work to play through multiple battles with the outcomes being linked and (possibly) having an effect on future battles.  I only have the first volume of the campaign books and this will be my first time using it.

Securing the Flank Historical Background:

As part of the preparation for the Montgomery's Operation Epsom, the 49th Infantry Division, was assigned the task of taking the towns of Fontenay le Pesnel and Raury (and the area around it).  If successful, the allied control of these locations would protec the 15th Division's flank as they pushed against the primary objective taking Caen.

The 49th Infantry faced the 12th SS Panzer Division and the left flank of Panzer Lehr.  The German defenders held tough and the inexperienced 49th Division was unable to take its objectives that day.

Allied command moved forward with Operation Epsom on June 26 even though their flank was exposed.  The German armor and artillery in Raury led to heavier resistance than Montgomery had hoped to face.
In our campaign, Amy will be in command of the Americans and I will be controlling the Germans.

You can watch the battle in all its glory.

It was a fun game and I look forward to our next game.  The allies managed to take Fontenay le Pesnel, but failed to capture Raury and earned 5 medals versus the axis who only earned 2.

The campaign points after the first battle (including objectives):

Allies - 7
Axis - 1

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