Wednesday, February 10, 2016

OHW - Bottleneck Scenario

I broke out my Epic 40K models for another game of Neil Thomas's One Hour Wargames.  I used the WWII with the tweaks I talked about in this post:  One-Hour Wargames - Book/Game Review.

I chose to play the Bottleneck scenario (scenario 24) for this game.

I also decided to make use of one set of the random event cards suggested on chapter 22 of the book.  The author suggests each force draw a card each turn but I decided to just have the Marines (my force) draw each turn.  You can see the card for each turn in the photos below.

Again the Eldar and Marines are facing off against each other.  With the Eldar holding the crossroad in the last engagement, the Marines have decided to take a different approach as their forces advance, but they've come to a bottleneck between a forest and a lake.  As they move toward the bottleneck, the Eldar launch an attack and attempt to again halt the Marine advance.

Eldar forces

Marine forces


Turn 1
The Marine forces moved onto the board.  The Eldar moved forward and the infantry in the woods fired on the tank to no effect.  Not a lot of action this turn.

Turn 2
The Marine infantry and walker moved forward while the tank opened fire on the infantry in the woods.  The Eldar focused fire on the Marine tank.

Turn 3
The Marines changed their target to the tank as it can deal out a lot of damage.  The Walker still fired on the infantry in the woods as it have a shot on the tank.  The Eldar fired kept pounding on the tank and put some fire on an infantry stand as well with a very good roll.

Turn 4
Both tanks were taken out this turn.  

Turn 5
More fire on the damaged infantry and the woods and some fire on the Eldar jump troops take them out of action.  The Eldar move an infantry stand into the woods and take out a Marine infantry stand.

Turn 6
The woods offer good defense to infantry, but these two stands just don't seem to have much of a chance to last through this pounding.

Turn 7
The Marines move up to get everyone into a better firing position while the Eldar continue to defend the forest.

Turn 8
A tough card flip for the Eldar (though it did fit with the situation), plus incoming fire from 4 units.  The poor Eldar took 12 damage in a single turn.

Turn 9
Ammo shortage for the Marines, but it turned out only 1 infantry unit was affected and the remaing forces finished off the Eldar.

Battle Summary
The Eldar were at a disadvantage having jump troops in this scenario, as they can't enter the woods.  But with the random force roll, you get what you get.  In hind sight, I probably should have started the Eldar infantry at the back of the woods and moved the other infantry up into the woods straight away.  It would have given the Eldar a bit more time to shoot instead of moving up to meet the oncoming forces.

As I stated in my previous post, these rules are pretty simple, but they provide a fun game that plays very quickly.  I'm still thinking about letting units move and shoot, as the game is kind of static once people are in range.  While that is probably appropriate for the WWII setting these were originally written for, I think the sci-fi world would have more movement.  I'll probably play a few more games before I make that change.

I've added and finished a bit of terrain for this game.  I painted and drybrushed my board, but will probably add some flock as it is pretty barren.  I cut some felt to define forested areas and water.  Very cheap, but effective.

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