Friday, October 30, 2015

LaserStorm - AAR 10/4/15

It has taken me a little bit to get this AAR report put together, but I guess it is better late than never.

I played another game of LaserStorm.  This time I used the Eldar and Space Marine stats that I put together using the unit creation rules.

I used a variant on the Introductory scenario.  The forces were not identical and I used 3 objectives instead of 2.  The first force to reach 6 victory points would be declared the winner.

I was in command of both forces, but promise to play each side to the best of my ability.

The Space Marine Forces (1935 points).

Tactical Squads with Rhino Transports x 3
Heavy Weapon Squad
Terminator Squad
Land Speeder Squad
Dreadnought Squad
Predator Squad
Vindicator Squad
Land Raider
Infantry Commanders x 3

The Eldar Forces (1905 points)

Guardian Squad with Falcon Transports x 3
Guardian Squad x 2
Wraithguard Squad
Weapon Platform Squad x 2
Wraithlord Squad
Fire Prism Squad
Firestorm Squad
Infantry Commanders x 3

Both sides set up in spread across the table.

Turn 1

The Marines got a snap action right away and the Predators opened fire on a group of Falcons and scored 3 hits.  All three were destroyed.

The Eldar on the City flank advanced.  Firestorms fired on the Land Speeders but failed to hit.  Fire Prism fire on the Land Raider and destroy it.

The Eldar Fire Prisms snap fire on the Vindicators and miss.

The Marines on the City flank advance.  The Rhinos move forward and the Tactical Squad disembarks while taking shots on the Guardians; killing 2 stands.  The Dreadnoughts fire on the Firestorms destroying 1.  They fail moral and are removed from the battlefield.  The Land Speeders fire on the Heavy Weapon platforms and kill 2.

Tactical Marines in the hills advance and disembark.  The Vindicators move forward and open fire on the Fire Prisms killing all 3.  The Terminators attempt to double and fail their moral and are put in reserve.

Marines in the Center also advance.  The Predators move forward and fire on the Wraithlords killing 2.  Rhinos advance behind the Predators.  Heavy Weapon Squad doubles forward.

Falcons in the hills advance and the guardians deploy.  Falcons fire on the Rhinos and kill all 3.  Guardians fire on Tactical Marines and only hit 1 that saves.  Firestorms are regrouped and they fire on the Heavy Weapon Squad and kill 3 stands.

Both Guardian units in the center advance and fire on the Marine Heavy Weapons Squad, but fail to kill anyone.  Weapons Platforms fire on the Predators score 1 kill.  Wraithlord opens fire on the Predators but miss.

End of Turn 1;  Marines - 2  Eldar - 0

Turn 2

The Wraithguard move further into the city and fire on the Land Speeders, but they make all their saves.  The Guardians move up and also fail to kill any of their targets.  The Heavy Weapons Platforms fire on the Predators, but fail to score any hits as well.

The Guardians in the hills snap fire on the Tactical Squad and kill 1 stand.

The Tactical Squad advances on the Guardians and returns fire killing 4 stands.  The Vindicators fire on the Guardians, but fail to score any hits.

One Guardian squad and Falcons launch an assault on the Tactical Squad holding the objective in the hills and kill of the Marines, but suffer 2 losses.

The other Guardian unit moves forward to get into position to assault the Marine tanks on their next activation.  The Firestorms fired on the Tactical Squad in the city and killed 3 stands.

The Vindicators snap fire on the Firestorms and kill both and 2 Guardian stands.  The remaining Guardians fail their moral test and are removed.

The Heavy Weapon Platforms fire on the Vindicators, but miss with all shots.  The Guardians assault the Vindicators, but the tanks repel the attack, killing all the Guardians.  The Guardians did kill 1 Vindicator in the assault.  The Predators and Vindicators failed moral and were removed from the table.

The Marine forces in the center try to regroup the Terminators, but through some mis-communication the Terminators lose another stand and still aren't able to regroup.  The Tactical Squad claims the objective and opens fire on the Heavy Weapons Platform killing 3.  The Heavy Weapons Squad fires on the Wraithlord and misses.

Wraithguard snap fire on the Land Speeders, but miss with all shots.

The Land Speeders and Rhinos move return fire on the Wraithguard and wipe the unit out.  The Tactical Squad and Dreadnoughts combine fire and kill the remaining Guardians in the City.

End of Turn 2:  Marines - 4  Eldar - 1

Turn 3

Knowing that they need to claim an objective the Guardians in the center make a reactionary move toward the center objective.

The Marines in the city kill the final Eldar forces in the city.

The Marines in the center again attempt to regroup the Terminators and this time they are successful.  They kill off the Guardian squad that was attempting to take the center objective.

A Tactical Squad snap fires on an Eldar Command stand and kill it while the Dreadnoughts move forward.

The Guardians hold their ground in the hills and kill a Marine command stand.  The Falcons move toward the center objective and kill 2 Rhinos and 2 Dreadnoughts.

The Wraithlords assaults the Tactical Squad on the center Objective, but loses the fight to the Marines and fail their save.

End of Turn 3:  Marines - 6  Eldar - 2


A good game, that was plagued with some bad rolls by the Eldar forces.  With a relatively low moral, I think I need to add additional Command Stands to the Eldar forces.  I also think I need to focus on staying out of lines of fire when possible.

The Marines made a steady advance forward and once they claimed the objectives, were able to hold onto them.  With good saves and moral, the Marines are a stalwart force to face off against.

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