Thursday, September 4, 2014

Big Shots Practical Shooters - September 3, 2014

We started the practical shooting league at Big Shots Indoor Range again last night.  Matches will be held each Wednesday evening with set-up at 7:00 pm and shooting starting around 7:30 pm.

The stage had 12 paper targets for a total round count of 24.  The stage description required that you engage at least 1 target from each side of the barricade and then you could either go prone and shoot the 4 targets from there or there was another shooting box at the back corner of the range that you could shoot those targets from if you didn't want (or weren't able) to go prone.

I think it was a good stage, but then I designed it so I am probably biased.  I shot quickly but ended up with 5 mikes.  I apparently need to practice my prone position shooting.

If you get a chance come on out and join us some night.  It is lots of fun and we would love to have you.

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